Ride Rules

March 13, 2021

Cape York HOG Chapter Ride Rules

The Cape York HOG (CYH) Chapter promotes responsible motorcycling for all CYH members. These rides are conducted in a manner consistent with a family-oriented philosophy. CYH has both moral and legal obligation to provide a safe and friendly riding environment for members, guests and the public in general.

  1. All persons participating in CYH organised rides are to abide by the following rules:

    • the Cape York Chapter Inc Code of Conduct,

    • the current Queensland State Road Rules,

    • the CYH Ride Guidelines,

    • the CYH Ride Rules as outlined below, and

    • directions by the following;

      1. (i)  Road Captain

      2. (ii)  Tail End Charlie

      3. (iii)  Director

      4. (iv)  Safety Officer

      5. (v)  Head Road Captain

      6. (vi)  Committee Members

  2. Only members of the Cape York Harley Owners Group (CYH) may participate in CYH organised

rides. Exceptions to this rule are:

  • Members of affiliated HOG Chapters. These riders are known as visitors,

  • Harley Davidson riders who wish to experience a CYH organised ride, and

  • guests of members who are not Harley Davidson riders. These riders are known as Guest

    Riders. Guests Riders are persons which are not HOG Members and are introduced to the club by a CYH Member.

  1. Guest riders are to be introduced to the following members:

    • Director or Deputy Director,

    • Safety Officer, and

    • Head Road Captain.

  2. A CYH member who introduces guests wishing to participate in a CYH organised ride is responsible

for these guests at all times. The CYH Member is to make sure that these riders abide by all the CYH rules and guidelines. These riders are to ride towards the rear of the group.

5. Whilst Guest Riders are encouraged to participate in CYH organised rides. This participation is not to be used as a regular occurrence.

6. All motorcycles are to be in a roadworthy and mechanically sound condition prior to a CYH organised ride. This includes a FULL tank of fuel.

7. Be prompt and arrive early. The Road Captain will conduct a ride brief to all participants in regards to the ride including nominating the Tail End Charlie. If anyone has questions or is unsure of anything in regards to the ride, do not hesitate to ask.

8. The Ride & Event Attendance sheet is to be filled out by each rider participating in a CYH organised ride. The Ride & Event Attendance sheet is a record of all persons participating in CYH organised rides and may be used in emergency situations. The Road Captain is responsible for maintaining the Ride Attendance Sheet.

9. The Road Captain is not to be overtaken at any time during the ride. The Road Captain is the lead rider and is responsible for all members on CYH organised rides. The Road Captain sets the pace and determines which formation the group needs to take. There are normally two formations used; Staggered File and Single File.

10. Slow or inexperienced riders are to ride towards the rear of the group. A Road Captain will accompany them.

11. On multiple lane roads, stay in the same lane as the Road Captain, riding in a staggered formation where appropriate, not side-by-side.

12. Overtaking riders in the group is not encouraged, although overtaking may be conducted in certain circumstances. Overtaking riders within the group should be done with caution and care, making sure to indicate your intentions.

13. A minimum safe distance of at least three seconds (the three second rule) should be kept between riders within each formation. All riders are encouraged to ride safely, cautiously and within their own abilities.

15. Constantly check on the position of the rider behind you. If you’re the last rider in a group that has split from the main group, wait at any turn-off to direct the following group.

16. When overtaking slower vehicles, maintain speed until all following riders have completed the overtaking manoeuvre. Allow sufficient room for following riders to enter safely. This should be done with caution and care, making sure to indicate your intentions.

17. Road Captains are permitted to move along the group when necessary. If a group is “left behind” by traffic lights, etc, the

18. If the Road Captain stops to allow everyone to regroup, keep position and be ready to move off when indicated.

19. At fuel stops, fuel up as quickly as possible and move out of the way to let other riders to fuel up.

20. If for any reason a rider needs to pull over, indicate clearly and move off the road as soon as possible. Members should not stop to assist. The Tail End Charlie will render assistance, if required.

21. Upon arrival at the final run location, a leaving time will be advised for the main group going back. If you wish to travel in this group, please be ready to depart on time.

22. If you intend to break from the group while traveling, always notify the Road Captain or the Tail End Charlie. These members are responsible for control and safety during the ride.

23. Any person participating in dangerous practices or any activity deemed to be to the discredit or danger of the group will be disciplined and if a Visitor or Guest may be banned from future CYH organised rides.

24. The consumption of alcohol is permitted on CYH organised rides, although the excessive consumption

of alcohol will not be tolerated. The consumption of alcohol is to be kept to the minimum set down within

the current Queensland State Road Rules. i


14. Ride within your section of the lane and in line with the rider directly in front of you. Take care not to weave unnecessarily. remaining Road Captain in this group will move to the lead. This prevents the group becoming lost and also settles some riders who may travel too quickly.


i Amended 19/02/2021