Ride Guide

November 8, 2012

There is never a bad time to give a friendly reminder to members of the dangers of riding in a large group of motorcycles.

Ride Rules…

1 Harley Davidson motorcycles only may participate. Exceptions to this rule are accompanying support vehicles and invitation rides allowing other brands of motorcycles. These bikes must ride at the back of the group

2 Make sure your bike is mechanically ready for a run. If you are having problems sort them out before the run, otherwise you will just inconvenience others, or even the entire group

3 Be prompt and make sure you have fueled up prior to coming together for the ride. No bald tyres please.

4 Arrive early and make sure you listen to the Road Captain’s instructions before each ride. The directions and any changes will be detailed at this meeting. If you have any questions ask them at this time.

5 Never – ever – pass the Road Captain. The Road Captains have been given the responsibility to set the pace and get to the final location as a group safely.

6 Stay in the same lane as the Road Captain, riding in a staggered formation where appropriate, not side-by-side. Frustrated drivers, blocked by a group of bikes spread across several lanes, are dangerous.

7 Try to maintain the 2-4 second gap. Gaps of more than 4 seconds can cause the “elastic band effect” where riders at the rear find themselves well in excess of the speed limit trying to catch up

8 On winding roads formation riding is not necessary. This will normally be indicated by the Road Captain holding one arm directly above his head with the appropriate number of fingers raised

9 You must also keep within your section of the lane, in line with the rider directly in front of you. Take care not to weave unnecessarily

10 It’s always your own decision to make any maneuver. Just (for instance) if some bikes overtake you, you are not obliged to follow. You are responsible for your own safety

11 Constantly check on the position of the rider behind you. If you’re the last rider in a group that has split from the main group, wait at any turn-off to direct the following group. Adherence will prevent people becoming lost and resultant unnecessary group stoppages

12 When overtaking slower vehicles, maintain speed until all following riders have completed the overtaking maneuver. Don’t cut sharply in front of the overtaken vehicle. This leads to surprise and aggressive behaviour from the driver

13 Road Captains are permitted to move along the group when necessary. If a group is “left behind” by traffic lights, etc, the remaining Road Captain in this group will move to the lead. This prevents the group becoming lost and also settles some riders who may travel too quickly

14 If the Lead Road Captain stops to allow everyone to regroup, keep position and be ready to move off when indicated

15 Slow or inexperienced riders will ride at the rear of the group, in fairness to the other riders. A Road Captain will always accompany them.

16 At a fuel only stop, fuel up as quickly as possible, then move your bike out of the way. Enough time will be allocated for fuel and food at our designated meal stops. It’s your responsibility to ensure your bike has been fuelled and your refreshments taken during the allotted time.

17 If your bike breaks down, indicate clearly to the rear Road Captain and get off the road as soon as possible. We ask that members don’t stop immediately to assist. You may mean well, but this can (and does) cause accidents. The Road Captains will render assistance, if required. This keeps the group flowing smoothly, preventing confusion. . If you break down, Tail end Charlie will stop and assist you

18 Upon arrival at the final run location, a leaving time will be advised for the main group going back. If you wish to travel in this group, please be ready to depart on time

19 If you intend to break from the group while traveling, always notify the Road Captain. He takes a head count of bikes and is responsible for their control and safety during the day. We don’t need the worry of any “disappearing” riders.

20 Persons skylarking, participating in dangerous road practices or any activity deemed to be to the discredit or danger of the group could be disciplined.

21 The consumption of alcohol on an official HOG ride is discouraged. On some runs, the destination may well be a hotel, restaurant, or licensed club that serves alcohol. Although these are traditional Australian social gathering places and most people enjoy a beer, we would suggest a “light”, a soft drink, or a tea or coffee if you are to complete the ride. Anyway, a beer’s better enjoyed at the completion of a run, when you can “put your feet up and really relax” Your adherence to these simple guidelines will improve the safety & comfort of all participants of our runs.